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This page features some of the issues relevant to our community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and site visitors can click through to see additional information.  

Innovative government

We need to come together as Americans to address the issues that face our country not as ideological mono minded people, but from a solutions-oriented perspective that encourages positive steps forward. Not left, not right, BUT FORWARD.

This won't be easy, nor popular, but necessary for our great nation to address the challenges of the 21st century.

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This planet is all we have. It doesn’t matter whether you are liberal, conservative, black, white, green or brown, we have to preserve and nurture our planet. We must face our environmental challenges together. We must act now!    Protecting our environment is an immediate concern. It is not one that we can out off or debate ad nauseum. It is an area where must learn and understand the science and then act upon the results. Climate change is real. Pollution is real. Energy production is real. Clean water needs are real. Ignoring these areas poses not only economic problems but serious health hazards to everyone on the planet.

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Public Health

The past two years of pandemic have been a great awakening call to us as a nation in  many ways. It has shown how focused attention and hard work can take on the health challenges that face our country. We must come together even more to address proven public health strategies to combat a myriad of health issues impacting our country like opioid addiction, obesity, tobacco, and alcohol use.

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Information and technology

Our nation needs to continue to invest in media and technology to inform and educate the next generation.

Technology has advanced to such a stage that media is changing every aspect of our society. People no loner live in complete isolation from the world around us. As such we must work hard to find new ways to address major challenges. These new areas are proving new job and improving businesses. As a nation we must work to enhance and develop these industries so that we can remain competitive in the world. We must also work together to find ways to reduce any negative impacts that these technologies bring towards our children and most vulnerable populations.

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Building a stronger America

We must work together and stop shouting at each other over the big issues that impact our great nation. Our political leaders to come together to discuss and support common-sense solutions on gun laws, education, immigration, and housing. We need to avoid the common special interest traps, party polarization, that occurs and try to take positive albeit small steps forward to solving the issues. Elected officials need to be encouraged to stand up for what is right.

    Social Justice can be achieved in America. It begins with education, understanding, and a commitment to moving forward. Progress through common sense solutions will keep our country moving forward.

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Education is our most precious resource. It must be nourished and we must provide schools the resources to effectively teach our children, teens and adults. Higher education must be affordable and available to all. An educated population enhances every aspect of American life. Education broadens the mind. There is no ‘one’ way or only one historical perspective. Students to be given broad historical perspectives and given opportunities to review information and make decisions for themselves. The key is to make sure that all communities are afforded equal access and financial support.

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Humanities & Arts

American culture continues to evolve and become a mosaic of the great American experiment. The Arts inspire and motivate our culture. The Arts bring out the best of us as human beings.  The Arts enhance our communities economically and is a vital part of the social fabric. Public arts bring us together, teach us, and provide us with a strong heritage.  By finding creative ways to use public funding and technology, we can create economic prosperity and give everyone an opportunity to experience all that the arts have to offer.


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